Tissington Well Dressings
Decorating the Boards

Decorating the Boards

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The Tissington Well Dressings have been cancelled for this year.

Each well has a team of 20-30 volunteers that contribute to the setting up of the dressing and the event. As the village only has 40 a Hands Well 2017cottages and 150 inhabitants the teams are drawn from the local area including Ashbourne. The collages take roughly 200 ‘man hours’ to create and are often of biblical themes and images.

During the Week, the village (which has been in the FitzHerbert family for over 500 years) welcomes about 35,000 visitors to view the dressings. And of course during the week the usual shops and attractions are open for business including

  • The award-winning Herbert’s Fine English Tearooms
  • The award winning Edward and Vintage sweet shop.
  • Bowrings’ Butchery
  • Acanthus Craft Shop
  • On a Wick and a Prayer Candle Shop
  •           The Bluebell Inn & Restaurant
  •           Bassett Wood Farm B & B serving teas at the Village Hall

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