Services in October


2nd October Pentecost XVII

Parwich                2.30pm       Methodist Service                    Mr P Taylor

Tissington            10.30am      Harvest Service & Baptism      Rev Nigel Rode

9th October Pentecost XVIII

Thorpe                 10.30am      Holy Communion                    Rev Martin Hulbert

16th October Pentecost XVIV

Parwich                10.30am      Holy Communion                    Rev Neil Broadbent

23rd October Pentecost XX

Alsop                   10.30am      Holy Communion                     Rev Alan Griggs

30th October Pentecost XXI

Fenny Bentley                          Morning Prayer                       Rev Arthur Champion

6th November All Saint’s

Parwich                2.30pm       Methodist Service                    Mr T Dutton

Tissington            10.30am      Family Service                         Rev Ossie Post


The Magazine is viewable here – use the right hand slider to navigate down the pages. Or the magazine can be downloaded to your own computer by clicking on the top right hand corner arrows -Tools

Church of England
pages – including Morning and Evening Prayer with Bible readings. 
Also available the Lectionary for each day’s readings, now free of charge. App
available through your usual APP Store.

On line services can be viewed here

Derby Cathedral
is ‘live streaming’ morning prayer at 8.30 every morning. 
You don’t have to be on facebook, just click the link.

Pray as you go,
an app with about 15 minutes of music, Bible study and a photograph. http://pray-as-you-go also Pray-as-you-stay a

Northumbria Community
Celtic Daily Prayer through their website. (includes all the readings and
meditations in one place)

Lindisfarne Scriptorium
produce sheets to colour that you can send away for or download, based on Bible
verses; a meditative way to spend time close to God.

The website Bible Gateway
helps you find a passage from the Bible with a key word or phrase, and of
course the Book/Chapter/Verse, from many different translations. They offer a
Bible verse for the day.

Wordlive is a
Scripture Union Bible study notes online. 

Sacred Space is a Jesuit website with is reflective and
themed for the week. They also offer virtual labyrinths for reflection.